Teresa Werner
Author of “CellToons: The story of cancer at a cellular level”

It has been a joyful experience working with Carla Perry at Dancing Moon Press. Her gentle presence is so supportive and reassuring. Always helpful, never condescending,… read more

Barry Lawler
Author of “Fish: A Tale of a Novel”

“Fish: A Tale Of A Novel” owes its life in print to the expertise of Dancing Moon Press. From my initial inquiry, through the entire editing/formatting… read more

Bernard Levy
Author of “Conversations With Cheddar”

I am very pleased that my book, “Conversations with Cheddar, And Adventures, Too,” was published by Dancing Moon Press and its editor/publisher, Carla Perry. I regret I can… read more

Theresa Mathews
Author of “Fishing With Hyenas”

The overwhelming fear of “now what do I do?” was removed the moment I spoke with Carla Perry. She accepted my project with enthusiasm and the… read more

Bobbie Lippman
Author of “Good Grief”

If you are thinking of writing a book, Carla Perry, her Dancing Moon Press and talented team is the way to go. As a short-sprint human-interest… read more

James Fleming
Author of “Hip Hop Aesop”

Don’t try this at home. Publishing your book, that is. It takes a pro in this endeavor to guide you through the sort of maze you… read more

Anne Jobbe Hall
Author of “Atlantis: The Isle of Horses”

Working with Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press was a pleasurable learning experience that I didn’t expect. I had been worried about my lack of… read more

Mary Anne Flavin
Author & illustrator of “Zenith’s Great Gift”

Carla! — There is no doubt you know what you are doing. The book is beautiful and I know everyone will love it. read more

Jane Sansregret
Author of “The Shaman Tree: A Tale of the Tillamook”

Carla Perry assisted us in preparing our late mother’s manuscript for publication. She has created a great team at read more

Terrill Godrich
Author of “A Paw Print On My Heart”

I am grateful for the wonderful cover illustration of “A Paw Print On My Heart,” by Sarah Gayle who captured Bailey’s essence. read more