Talus & Scree International Literary Journal #4
edited by Carla Perry
164 pages: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-8920876-00; ISSN: 1092-3489
Price: $12 + $3 shipping

Contains the work of 74 authors and illustrators including: Abigail Albrecht Brandt, Tim Barnes, Jan Baross, Jason (Jules) Boykoff, Margaret Chula, Leanne Grabel, Wayne Hogan, Chuck Holley, Albert Huffstickler, Vivian McInerny, Jeff Meyers, Errol Miller, Mary Misel Slocum, Normal, Carla Perry, Dan Raphael, Kevin Sampsell, Steve Sander, Floyd Skloot, Jeff Taylor, Jeff Wallach, and Paul Weinman.

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