ANDRÉS BERGER-KISS’s newest novel, Secret Memoirs of a Born-Again Preacher, is a satire about a psychopathic preacher with presidential ambitions. The book is a work of fiction where the characters, places, and incidents are purported to be the product of the author’s imagination. But as Berger-Kiss says, “Aren’t all satires based on facts?”

Secret Memoirs of a Born-Again Preacher can be read as a how-to book to improve your ability to lie, cry on cue, swindle the masses out of dollars, and swindle the wealthy out of their millions – money being the source of Power. “Exploitation of those under you has to be done sensibly,” the Reverend Richard Dink advises, “so they don’t rebel.”

The Reverend ends up as one of the wealthiest men in the world, Vice President of the United States, and head of the new Office of Religious Affairs in the White House. But here, in his totally honest memoir, he provides the tricks, the secrets, even the words to say when your hand is found in the cookie jar. “To achieve ultimate power, mix religion and politics,” he tells his readers. “That’s where most of the truly great psychopaths are found. The best always hide behind God.”

Author Andrés Berger-Kiss has dedicated the book to all those who have been bamboozled.

Copies of Secret Memoirs of a Born-Again Preacher and the author’s other books are available through his website: