Laughing Like Dogs
Poems, photos and line drawings by Carla Perry
ISBN: 1-888934-23-9; 68 pages
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Section 1: Strays, curs and dog fights
Section 2: In the dog house
Section 3: Doing the dog paddle
Section 4: Dogma out our ears
Section 5: Dog days
Section 6: Fresh tracks

“This book is dedicated to my dogs: Adam, Roach, The Gang, Shadow, Rex, Jaxx Good Dogg, Money, and Andy, the only one still living.” – Carla Perry

Some of the poems in this book were previously published in Agneszka’s Dowry (A Small Garlic Press); The Space Between Literary Magazine #1Herspectives MagazineSo It Goes—Issue #20; Prozac or a Shotgun? and WILD DOG magazine. Published with the assistance of the Central Oregon Coast Writers’ Co-op.

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