I Love You Today
poems by John Dresen
80 pages: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Price: $15.95 + $4 shipping

John F. Dresen began writing poetry a few months after the death of his beloved wife Phyllis. At first, he tried to write of his loss, but soon found solace in writing to his bride as though he were speaking to her as they had done during their twenty-nine years of marriage. With his characteristic wry humor, John writes, “I can just see St. Peter saying, ‘Phyllis, you’ve got mail!’ “

He sits at his computer and types in a title, and soon finds a poem. He looks around to see who’s written that, but it has come from deep within him. “When I concentrate on the love, it instills a peace that is hard to describe. We were a couple. We are a couple… I love you today.”

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