Coming To Ash Hollow: a Danny Lawson adventure
by Gary Covey
ISBN 978-1-892076-71-7

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An excerpt from Chapter 1––Down in a Gully:
Danny Lawson inched closer during his first recess. He shivered in the frosty January morning, his breath steaming in tiny puffs as it met the cold mountain air.
“I gotta get in this game,” he whispered to himself. “Mom was right! They play hoops over here!”
A gang of boys raced lickety-split down the blacktop court. Up went a wild shot. The kid with a black headband climbed over the back of a scrawny boy, grabbed the rebound, and with a flick of his hip sent the boy flying.
“Slick move!” came a yell from the sidelines.
The kid rifled a long one-handed pass up the court to a streaking freckled boy. In one motion, the redhead flipped a pass behind his back. The tallest kid on the court made a twisting lay-in, and a cute girl with blond hair cried out, “Go, Buck!” The game slowed down a bit as Buck took a bow to the cheers.
Danny knew he had to do it now.
“C-Can I p-p-play?” He swallowed hard and felt his throat burn all the way down. None of the words sounded right to him.
Buck wheeled around and stared at the new kid. “Sure, why not! Let’s see whatcha got!”
Danny knew that look. He was about to get creamed and had nowhere to go. Buck cocked his arm and unloaded a zinger straight at Danny. The ball slammed into his stomach and knocked him backwards. He landed on his butt with a thud!
“Naw, little twerp! You better go play with the first graders!” laughed Buck. “This here’s a man’s game. For guys who can play hoops!”
Danny laid sprawled on the blacktop, trying desperately to say he knew how to play. But no words . . . nothing . . . only huge puffs of steam as he gasped for air . . . .

Gary Covey was an elementary school teacher and boys basketball coach for several years. He is retired and lives in Salem, Oregon, with his wife, Cameron, and their two Siamese kitties.

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