Camping at Lone Gulch: a Danny Lawson adventure
With the companion story: Soaring Eagle
by Gary Covey
170 pages: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-03-0
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An excerpt from Chapter 1––The Gold Nugget:
“What’s a gulch anyway?” Danny Lawson asked on Friday afternoon as he tossed his sleeping bag in the back of his dad’s pickup. He glanced up at Buck with a puzzled look.
“It’s like steep cliffs facing off against each other,” Buck said. “Kinda like me and that big ox from Wasilla squaring off when we won the County Hoops Tournament.”
Buck Bishop piled his sleeping bag on top of Danny’s. “And down at the bottom of the gulch is this river, roaring and charging down the canyon and slamming into both sides of the cliffs. It’s wild.”
“How’d you get so smart?” Danny asked. “Have you been to a gulch before?”
“That’s me . . . old smarty,” Buck said with a laugh.
He reached down and ruffled Danny’s short curly hair. “Back when my mom and Hank first married, we went up to Lone Gulch. Hank wanted to show us where his ancestors used to live. You know, that Billy Johnson guy, the one Hank said found a gold nugget bigger than a baseball.”
“Yeah,” Danny said. “The nugget Hank thought we stole from the black box.”
“That’s the one.”
“Maybe Billy Johnson lost his gold nugget up at Lone Gulch,” Danny said. “What if we found it this week while we’re camping up there? Wouldn’t that be something?”
“Danny . . . .” Buck said. “Do you still believe in the tooth fairy?”
“I’m just dreaming. But if there is really a gold nugget, that’s where it could be. Lost!”

Excerpt from Acknowledgements:
Thanks to all those family members––past and present––who came along for the adventure. A special thanks to all the teachers who have invited me into classrooms . . . .

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