Atlantis: The Isle of Horses”Atlantis: The Isle of Horses” by Anne Jobbe Hall, published by Dancing Moon Press
Book One of a Five-Book Series
by Anne Jobbe Hall
216 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-13-9
Price: $15.55 & shipping
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-945587-14-6 Price: $6.99

I can tell you everything I remember, and I remember most of it. But even if you understand events, you may not be able to understand why we failed ourselves and our planet. This is a cycle that has repeated countless times on Earth, always ending in cataclysm and what appears to be tragedy. Yet, there’s always a new beginning with hope for something far better, something within our grasp, if we choose it.

It began in Atlantean land, now beneath the sea, at a time when only island remnants of the once vast continent remained. But what magnificent islands they were! Imagine five islands, laid upon the great ocean like a necklace of jewels, each unique in character, terrain, and industry. For unaccounted time, Atlantis was known as the Islands of the Blessed. Fruits, flowers, vegetables, and the sweet and potent juice of the grape were abundant. Through wise governance and industry, the land was filled with every good thing, both useful and beautiful. Atlanteans built magnificent cities, Temples, palaces, schools, and gardens. Appreciation for the beauty of form, combined with observation and creativity, made their art exquisite. The People of Atlantis were a race of surpassing intelligence and physical perfection such as the world would never see again. Tall and perfectly proportioned in every way, they possessed bodies and brains larger than modern humans.

For centuries, the People of Atlantis lived in concord, in harmony, in happiness, remembering their noble origin, following the Tenets of Law, never harming one another. While purity and the principle of One reigned in their hearts, and prudence and moderation directed their conduct, Atlantis was paradise, a model civilization, never rivaled. Then came a time when the minds of many were changed. At first, subtle differences developed in understanding the spiritual principle of the One. While some held that conscious union with the One, including putting the good of all beings before personal gain, was the highest purpose of a soul, others held that each human should seek their individual good and be responsible for their own wellbeing…

So begins Atlantis: Isle of Horses, the first book in a series of 5.

ANNE JOBBE HALL is a retired librarian and museum director who lives on the Central Oregon Coast. A desire to understand human life led her to Edgar Cayce, Platonic Philosophy, Ancient Mathematics, and Metaphysics.

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