Frequently Asked Questions

How does the book publication process work?

Dancing Moon Press provides complete book publishing services, beginning with a free consultation and a one-page pdf questionnaire in order to prepare a line-item estimate for you. We encourage our clients to participate in the cover and text design process. We can scan and insert photos and graphics and create indexes. We secure ISBN numbers, bar codes, and Library of Congress registration, which is required for all books sold in bookstores. Once your text and book cover files are designed, you will receive proofs ready for your feedback, corrections, and approval. The final print-ready files are then sent to the printer who prints, binds, and ships the books to your selected location.

How do you come up with a book’s cover design?

Dancing Moon Press listens carefully when you describe what you’d like your book cover to look like. If you have photos or artwork that you would like incorporated, we will use them. If your only instruction is to reflect upon the subject and tone of your book, we can create preliminary cover designs and then let you decide which direction to go. We strongly believe that a book is judged by its cover and we will do everything we can to provide a cover that not only pleases you, but motivates book sales.

What should be included in my manuscript submission?

  1. Send a check or money order for $50 payable to Dancing Moon Press to cover the cost of preparing the project estimate.
  2. A printed copy of your manuscript (especially necessary for poetry books).
  3. A CD, thumb-drive, or any other storage media device containing as much of the following that you have available:
  • The text of your book in a word document file (Microsoft Word preferred).
  • Cover artwork images or design suggestions.
  • A brief book summary.
  • A brief author bio.
  • An author photo (optional, for the back cover).
  • Illustrations, pictures, graphs, charts, maps, or photos that will be inserted into the text file of the book. (Save all image files as separate files, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.)
  • If actual photographs, charts, graphs or illustrations need to be scanned, include them in a separate folder in your package. Please label each, providing the photo caption (if any) and explain where the image should be inserted.

Remember to retain a back-up copy of all your material.
We also accept manuscript submissions as attachments to email.

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Once my book project is complete, who owns the rights?

You do. You, as the author, own all rights to your work. If an agent or editor approaches you and offers to re-publish your book, you are free to enter into a contract with them.

How long does it take to publish a book?

The time required depends on the form your manuscript is in when we receive it. Handwritten, typewritten, or audio files will need to be converted to digital files before book design can begin. If your manuscript is already in a computer file format and needs only to be proofread, then it generally takes about month to secure the required book registrations, design the text, and produce options for the book cover. If it takes two or three drafts to incorporate text changes, then add a few weeks. Printing and delivery of the books takes another three to four weeks. We suggest you realistically plan on three to four months from start to finish.

How many books should I print?

That answer will be determined during our initial free consultation or during the production process, depending on your individual goals. We can accommodate any size print run from 25 copies to 10,000 (or more).

Can I order reprints when I run out of copies?

Absolutely yes. The book files remain permanently available. If there are no changes to the cover or text, then the process is quick and simple. If the book requires changes, it becomes a second edition, and will need to go through another (minor) production process before the printing.

Why should I order promotional book cover postcards?

Promotional postcards — that have your book cover graphic on one side and book ordering information on the other — make an attractive and inexpensive sales tool. While your book is in production, you could start collecting the names and addresses of your family, friends, business associates, membership lists from organizations or clubs you participate in, local bookstores, and other outlets pertinent to your topic. Once your book is available for sale, you’ll be able to send out your postcards as an attractive new book announcement.

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What is your payment policy?

Once you have accepted and signed our detailed project estimate, Dancing Moon Press will require 50% of the total cost up front, prior to the start of work. The $50 fee to prepare the estimate will be credited to this down payment. If the scope of work changes, or revisions are required that were NOT part of the original information supplied when the project began, the actual billing may be higher, otherwise, the original estimated price is your final price, even if it takes us longer. You will be informed immediately if a change in the scope of the project will have an effect on the cost.

A second invoice, to cover the balance due, will be required prior to your book being shipped to the printer (or converted to an eBook). A final settlement invoice may be necessary to cover changes made after the project was sent to printer, or if there were modifications after the original order was signed. All invoices are payable upon receipt.

How do I get paid for eBook sales?

When hired to produce eBook files (ePUB and mobi), Dancing Moon Press will provide the files to the author. The author then creates on-line accounts with vendors such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble (there are numerous eBook vendors). The author will be asked to enter their Social Security number and bank account numbers before uploading the cover and text files of their book. Once in the system, all eBook sales are tracked and that information will be available to the author at any time. Most vendors pay monthly. The author will receive an email from each vendor that indicates the total sales amount (minus the vendor’s commission), and the date the posting will take effect.