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"Kittson County: Four Short Stories" by Henry Streed, Published by Dancing Moon Press

Henry Streed, author of “Kittson County: Four Short Stories”

I thank Carla Perry for all her help and guidance. She made the book possible. –Henry Streed


"Carving Out A Life" Back cover of flip book, published by Dancing Moon Press

Brian McEneny, author and sculptor “Carving Out A Life”

Carla Perry’s knowledge and expertise were essential for the completion of my project. When I started my flipbook, “Carving Out A Life,” I had a vague Idea of what I wanted to do. Carla helped clarify my concept and patiently guided me through every phase of writing the book. Carla’s cohort and friend, graphic illustrator […]


Javelin Hardy, author of "It Takes A Journey To Heal" a book of poem

Javelin Hardy, author of “It Takes A Journey To Heal”

From the bottom of my heart, I’m truly grateful to have had you two—Carla Perry and Sarah Gayle of Dancing Moon Press—see my vision and dreams and make them come to pass. Thanks for your professional excellence and dedication, as if the book and art were your own. You two are very dear to my […]


Sandy and Scott Blackman, authors of "The Country Fair: Oregon's Alternative Celebration"

Sandy and Scott Blackman, author & photographer of “The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration”

With warmth and efficiency, Carla Perry is a delightful and professional presence. We had written two historical books before hiring Dancing Moon Press to produce our third. Our previous association with another publishing house was confining, and regimented with set guidelines and deadlines that left us with very little creative control or reward. We wanted […]


Mary Anne Flavin, author and illustrator of "Zenith's Great Gift"

Mary Anne Flavin, author & illustrator of “Zenith’s Great Gift”

Carla! — There is no doubt you know what you are doing. The book is beautiful and I know everyone will love it. Thank you for your many wonderful ideas and your ability to summarize the story beautifully. I have used your words about the hope that our life challenges will evolve into our greatest […]


Mark Beckwith, author of "Unwoven Tapestries"

Mark Beckwith, author of “Unwoven Tapestries”

First and foremost, my book, “Unwoven Tapestries,” would not have been completed without the help of Dancing Moon Press. From start to finish, Carla was very clear on how she could help me and what to expect, how the entire process worked and exactly what the costs would be. No Surprises! She followed through and […]


Donald F. Parker, author of "Roustabout, Navy Captain, Academic Dean: The Unexpected Adventure of Hard Work and Dumb Luck," published by Dancing Moon Press

Don Parker, author of “Roustabout, Navy Captain, Academic Dean: The Unexpected Adventure of Hard Work and Dumb Luck”

When my husband Don started writing a memoir, his goal was to leave a family history for our children and grandchildren so they would understand their background and the values of the family to which they had been born. It was a huge project because Don had a lot to say, so we soon discovered […]


Anne Jobbe Hall, author of "Atlantis: The Isle of Horses," published by Dancing Moon Press

Anne Jobbe Hall, author of “Atlantis: The Isle of Horses”

Working with Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press was a pleasurable learning experience that I didn’t expect. I had been worried about my lack of experience publishing a book for the first time. However, after meeting with Carla, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She laid out the editing and publishing process […]


deb darr, author of "From City Lights To Majestic View" -- a memoir of country life

deb darr, author of “From City Lights To Majestic View”

I was more than pleased with Dancing Moon Press owner, Carla Perry. She was ever so helpful with all my questions, and her editing help has been invaluable. She didn’t pressure me, and respected all my choices to make my book, From City Lights to Majestic View, something I will be proud to pass on […]


Jane Sansregret, author of “The Shaman Tree: A Tale of the Tillamook”

Carla Perry assisted us in preparing our late mother’s manuscript for publication. She has created a great team at Dancing Moon Press to help writers with their all their publishing needs, from editors to illustrators, they do it all.—Anne Loewen, for author Jane Sansregret.