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"Conversations With Cheddar" by Bernard M. Levy, published by Dancing Moon Press

Conversations with Cheddar – And Adventures, Too

My conversations with Cheddar are not confined to the house or backyard. They occur during our walks in the forest, in the park, and during the running of our many errands. On these outdoor adventures, our talks cover many non-walk subjects, but every park and forest conversation includes the weather, squirrels, cats and dogs and their owners, trees, and other vegetation. Cheddar has contributed greatly to my knowledge of the outdoors and canines.


"A Collection of Bummer Summers," by Johnny Bargain

Readings from “A Collection of Bummer Summers”

starring JOHNNY BARGAIN hosted by CARLA PERRY stories performed by SARAH GAYLE & WALLACE KAUFMAN SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Nye Beach Writers’ Series. Newport Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor. 777 NW Beach Drive, Newport. Admission $8. “Chaos cluttered the streets of New York City back then, which in the 1960s was all […]


Going To Ocean Shores

“I promised everyone I would write another Danny Lawson story someday so you could see what great pals Danny and Buck had become. After their adventure at Ocean Shores, the boys are certain to be lifelong friends. Or BFFs as Kaley and Chelsea would say. At the end of Danny’s first adventure, ‘Coming to Ash Hollow,’ I encouraged all of you to Live your dream! So ask yourself now—am I giving my dream my best effort?”—Gary Covey


Taking The Bitter With The Sweet

“I was inspired to write this autobiography so I could explain some of the things I did during my first fifty years of life (I was born December 19, 1923). I feel that my story will inspire others to never give up, keep a good attitude, learn how to keep a marriage going, how to treat their children, and how to get along with others. “Taking The Bitter With The Sweet” is a smorgasbord of my life.” — Dan Pistoresi


The Promise of the Trail

“Monochords,” by Yannis Ritsos, is a book of one-line poems, which he said should do three things: 1) be a poem in itself, 2) be the start of a longer poem, and, 3) reflect something of importance to the poet. I decided to try a few. After writing a set of 20, I decided to try another 20. That grew to 100, and then 180. And then 365. This book is the result. My interest was to master the form and say something of interest to the reader. Thank you all for looking into these. —Tom Hogan



FootHills Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Wanderlust, a collection of poems by Carla Perry. The book is a 72-page hand-sewn paperbook with spine. It includes 16 photos by the author. To order the book: http://foothillspublishing.com/2014/id76.htm.


What She Knows

What She Knows is the second full-length poetry collection by Catherine Rickbone. “These poems capture knife-edge moments of transformation and fierce determinism…” –Amy Sage Webb, author of ‘Save Your Own Life: Kansas Stories.”


blue wolf

“The natural world comes very much to life in Michael Spring’s blue wolf. These taut poems are at once personal and universal, meditative and lyrical. The sacredness of nature is cross-stitched into human thoughts to form a quilt that covers us lightly in our bed of dreams.”
–Wyn Cooper, author of Chaos is the New Calm


Fireproofing the Woods

“Katy McKinney’s poems are filled with river mist and the smell of pines and Douglas fir. They speak of a life lived close to nature, following the earth from cycle to cycle and watching the seasons change. She has a true heart and a true eye. This is a fine debut collection.”
–Joseph Millar, author of Blue Rust


Come Journey With Me

Come Journey With Me is a collection of brutally honest short stories told with self-deprecating wit, that span the years of her youth in Iowa, nursing school in St. Louis, marriage to Don and a move to Colorado, then their return to Iowa where she lived, worked as a registered nurse, restored a hundred-year-old farmhouse, and raised her three children.