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"The Girl Inside Me" by Javelin Hardy, published by Dancing Moon Press

The Girl Inside Me

“The little girl inside of Javelin Hardy has matured into a beautiful, powerful woman capable of healing others using her personal experience and training in her therapeutic profession. And what more of a blessing it will be as this collection of poems, The Girl Inside Me, goes further out into the world and touches the lives of so many more.” —Kimberly Robinson Green,


"Conversations With Cheddar" by Bernard M. Levy, published by Dancing Moon Press

Conversations with Cheddar – And Adventures, Too

My conversations with Cheddar are not confined to the house or backyard. They occur during our walks in the forest, in the park, and during the running of our many errands. On these outdoor adventures, our talks cover many non-walk subjects, but every park and forest conversation includes the weather, squirrels, cats and dogs and their owners, trees, and other vegetation. Cheddar has contributed greatly to my knowledge of the outdoors and canines.


Fish: A Tale of a Novel" by Barry Lawler, published by Dancing Moon Press

Fish: A Tale of a Novel

Once upon a time—closing in now on 47 years—an idealistic and ambitious young writer began four-fingerdly pecking the keys of a 1961 Remington portable typewriter in search of a novel he was sure he had in him. I am that writer, and Fish is that novel.


"Camping At Lone Gulch: a Danny Lawson adventure" by Gary Covey, published by Dancing Moon Press

Camping at Lone Gulch

“Camping at Lone Gulch is the third Danny Lawson adventure by author Gary Covey. Woven into the saga is the companion story about Soaring Eagle.


"Chase's Creatures Coloring Pages" by Rhonda Chase. Published by Dancing Moon Press.

Chase’s Creatures Coloring Pages

CHASE’S CREATURES COLORING PAGES is a 64-page book complete with 30 bordered pages of creatures. Each page is perforated, allowing you to easily remove the creature from the book so you can color in comfort and even frame and gift your finished masterpieces. On the back of each page is an area for you to write your name, the date, and medium used on the creature. The back cover features colored creature examples from winners of The Chase’s Creatures Coloring Contest.


"When Dreams and Fear Collide" by Jan Warren

When Dreams And Fear Collide

The true story of rafting the Upper Yangtze River from the source, at 17,400 feet elevation in the great Himalayan glaciers, to the city of Yibin. The dream was to be the first expedition to travel the 2,000 miles of uncharted water. But the death of a teammate, a so-called mutiny, and several all-Chinese rafting teams racing ahead of the expedition in an attempt to be first, turn a perfect trip into a voyage of drama, disaster and unexpected challenges.


"Fishing With Hyenas" by Theresa Mathews

Fishing With Hyenas

FISHING WITH HYENAS is a love story between girlie girl Theresa and commercial fisherman Captain Bart, who convinces her to crew on a ninety-two-foot tuna boat plying the North Pacific Ocean. Trading cashmere and high heels for rain gear and rubber boots, she becomes a deckhand, confined for three months at a time, thousands of miles from anywhere. Bart’s tight group of fishermen—the Hyenas—become her extended family, but no one explains what appalling weather and hauling thousands of pounds of tuna would do to her hands. Or to her heart. Or to her mind.


"Good Grief" by Bobbie Lippman

Good Grief

Grieving people have the right to do whatever feels comforting at the time, no matter how bizarre or quirky, and no one—absolutely no one—has the right to tell a grieving person to “Get over it already!


"Guerrilla Priest" by Stephen Griffiths

Guerrilla Priest: An American Family in World War II Philippines

“Guerrilla Priest” is based on the memoirs my parents wrote of their experiences in the Philippines in World War II. At the beginning of World War II, Al Griffiths was priest-in-charge of St. Paul’s Mission in Balbalasang, Kalinga, the Episcopal Church’s most isolated mission. With the support of Chief Puyao, Griffiths helped organize the first guerrilla resistance to the Japanese in northern Luzon. When the Japanese threatened to execute him, Griffiths and his family spent a year and a half hiding in the forest, but were captured in March 1943 and interned in Camp Holmes, then at the Bilibid Prison in Manila. General MacArthur’s 37th Infantry liberated them in February 1945.


"Hip Hop Aesop," fables by James Fleming; illustrations by J. Scott Fleming

Hip Hop Aesop


The philosopher scattered grains of wisdom
Abroad for his local birds.
The finch and the siskin ignored them,
But the chickadee thought, Why not?
The philosopher saw her later by the pond.
“I was infused with knowledge,” she said,
“About the world and beyond,
But I couldn’t fly.”