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"Saving Big Creek" by Andrea Scharf, published by Dancing Moon Press

Saving Big Creek

In 1979, a developer from Honolulu bought 186 acres on both sides of a small creek on the Central Oregon Coast. His plans for “Big Creek Resort” included a lodge, rustic cabins, a trading post, and two houses for the future owner/managers. Over the years, plans for the resort expanded to include two hotels, a restaurant, a conference center, tennis courts, and individual residences. Opposition to the resort—dismissed by the developer as coming from “a bunch of hippies”—developed quickly. This is the story about how they saved Big Creek, even though it took nearly 40 years.


"Giving Thanks: New And Selected Poems" by Tom Hogan, published by Dancing Moon Press

Giving Thanks: New And Selected Poems

“In the span of one hundred and twenty-one poems, in “Giving Thanks: New And Selected Poems,” Tom Hogan covers a lot of geography, both mental and physical. From his obvious love of the Pacific Northwest to travels in Italy, New Zealand, and across America, his poems nearly always reveal a deep spirituality and tenderness toward people—whether familiar or strangers.” –Bob Sterry, author of School of Burglary


"The Quiet Blossom" by Michael A T Clark; published by Dancing Moon Press

The Quiet Blossom

“The Quiet Blossom” follows a young man’s experiences during the years he worked in the marijuana industry of Northern California. This is a personal narrative—part memoir and part ethnography—that reflects the cultural and social implications of the black market industry. It captures a strange and wonderful moment in history.


"Carving Out A Life" a flip book by Brian McEneny, published by Dancing Moon Press

Carving Out A Life

“Carving Out A Life” is a flip-book — the first (narrative) section contains poems and backstories about the author’s life; the second (photo) section contains 200 full-color photos of the author’s wood sculptures.


"Kittson County: Four Short Stories" by Henry Streed, Published by Dancing Moon Press

Kittson County: Four Short Stories

“Kittson County: Four Short Stories” is a collection based on life in Kittson County, Minnesota. The story titles include: “The Mine,” “Senior Prank Night,” “The Deputy,” and “The Tractor.”


"It Takes A Journey To Heal" a book of poems by Javelin Hardy, publshed by Dancing Moon PRess

It Takes A Journey To Heal

This collection includes, “If The Black Woman Could Have The Nervous Breakdown She Deserved, The World Would Stop,” and other poems direct from the heart of the author. “It is never too late to turn around and start on a new path once one has recognized one’s mistake.”


The Country Fair: Oregon's Alternative Celebration, by Sandy and Scott Blackman

The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration

As visitors, the Blackmans have watched the Oregon Country Fair evolve from a small, quaint, hippy festival that started in 1969, into a top-notch, heavily-attended, costume celebration that takes place in the forested wetlands of Veneta, Oregon every August. The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration contains 100 pages of full-color photographs taken by Scott Blackman and others, with commentary by Sandy Blackman.


Zenith’s Great Gift

Zenith’s Great Gift is a story for every child challenged by special needs—visible or not—and provides hope that their own challenges can evolve into gifts.


"Personal Skirmishes: 21 Heartwarming Misadventures, Miracles, and Minor Atrocities" by Barry Lawler, published by Dancing Moon Press

Personal Skirmishes

Because I have been a lousy typist for 50 of my more than 70 years, but have managed to put thousands of words on paper, I like to imagine I’m a writer by default. If not, I’ve just been wasting a lot of time and stationery. Still, it’s kept me entertained. And playing God on paper has convinced me of the range of interactions and situational ironies humans are capable of putting themselves in. For the most part, though, when writing (or typing fiction), “exploring the human condition” is seldom a priority, as I’m pretty sure it can muddle along just fine without my intervention. Mostly, I’m just out for a good time. And if mine makes your better, too, we’ve both won.


"Atlantis: The Isle of Horses" by Anne Jobbe Hall, published by Dancing Moon Press

Atlantis: The Isle of Horses

Excerpt from “Atlantis: The Isle of Horses” — My name in that life was Al-Ya. I was born on the Isle of Horses, the only island in Atlantis that afforded the freedom to have an unconventional and pleasurable childhood, given who I was, and the body I inhabited. I was many times blessed in that life, though few would have thought so. Born a woman, then as now not the dominant gender, but a good thing for me none-the-less. Born a man, I would have been expected to take my father’s place on the Council, a position that would have put me under too much scrutiny given my appearance.