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Conversations with Cheddar – And Adventures, Too

Conversations With Cheddar – And Adventures, Too
by Bernard M. Levy
154 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Includes 12 original line drawings by Sarah Gayle, who also created the cover

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-01-6
Price: $16.95 + shipping

Excerpt from the book’s introduction:
I wrote this book because Cheddar is family, and family is important to me… and to millions of others. My family in Oregon is Cheddar, my golden retriever. I hurt when he hurts, I laugh when he laughs, and I play when he plays. Yes, I do have a conventional family: a son and two grandsons who live in Seattle, and a son and his wife who live on the Yucatan Peninsula with, as I understand, a multitude of rescued cats and dogs.
       Cheddar is my constant companion and a meaningful contributor to my wellbeing. We have grown to understand each other. He’s taken me on some wonderful real and sometimes magical adventures and has, while fixating on moving cats and squirrels, caused me to lose my balance and hit the ground a half-dozen times, not always without injury. But he is my family, and we love, protect, and respect each other.
        Living without another human biped in the household is, to me, a peaceful sanctuary in which I think and talk about some of the great issues and ideas confronting humankind. Cheddar listens to and absorbs these messages. He does it in a convivial way without registering any disapproval or offering any additional comment save, once in a while, expressing his desire for food or treats or a trip outside for fun, adventure, or normal functional relief. We who live alone at whatever age are a hardy breed, but we need these conversations. I usually come into daily contact with humans, but there are days in which I don’t speak with anyone except Cheddar.
        Conversations with Cheddar are not confined to the house or backyard. They occur during our walks in the forest, in the park, and in the running of our many errands. On these outdoor adventures, our talks cover many non-walk subjects, but every park and forest conversation includes the weather, squirrels, cats and dogs and their owners, trees, and other vegetation. Cheddar has contributed greatly to my knowledge of the outdoors and canines.
         Although I dedicate this book to those who experience life with animal companions, I do not exclude others, including the millions of multi-biped families who love and care for pets. I hope this book will trigger greater understanding of the conversations with your live-in friends and, in turn, will broaden horizons and enrich relationships, both human and animal.

BERNARD M. LEVY currently hosts a weekly half-hour commentary radio program on KYAQ (91.7 FM) called “Everything in the World.” He is working on his next two books: A Hindu and a Jew Walk Into a Forest, and Confessions of a Lawyer . . . and CPA.

Conversations With Cheddar—And Adventures, Too is available direct from the author:

Fish: A Tale of a Novel

Fish: A Tale of a Novel
by Barry Lawler
Cover design by Jesse Lawler

154 pages; 6 x 9 inches

Excerpt from Fish’s Now & Then: Official Preface:
Once upon a time—closing in now on 47 years—an idealistic and ambitious young writer began four-fingerdly pecking the keys of a 1961 Remington portable typewriter in search of a novel he was sure he had in him.

I am that writer, and Fish is that novel. I just didn’t expect it to be half a lifetime (if I’m very lucky) in the making. The time then was 1969, and by the end of my first few hours of typing, both the title and the town had become my first two fictional facts. Everything following, though, was uncharted territory, a journey not only to discover a story worth telling, but also for me to double-duty both as its central character and author committed to pulling back the curtain to reveal the writing choices I would make, or discard, along the way.

Simply, Fish” is no Wizard of Oz. Both in real life and in fiction, I am Barry, and there is no curtain between us separating what’s real and what’s not. What you read is straight from both of us. Of course, most of the story facts are fictional, but every choice I made in creating the characters, plot, places, and themes you will know the whys & wherefores of—in other words, the stuff customarily concealed behind the curtain.

Admittedly, the method to my Fish” construction madness figures to be a radical departure from the novel norm. That is, writers typically rough out the preliminary work quietly by themselves, writing drafts on the back of old envelopes, cocktail napkins, and vellum, while secluding themselves in a cramped apartment, sunny villa, or lonely garret (though garrets, like vellum, have become increasingly scarce in recent times). Privately, they’ll dispose of the bad stuff (as if it never existed), keeping only the choice cuts for public consumption. In short, you are spared the eyestrain of having to wallow through false starts, dead-ends, misspelled words, and non-sequiturs. This also spares you the embarrassment of watching a full-grown artisan squirm and puzzle—just like regular guys & girls—over the problem of how to make things sound interesting (or even how to think of things that are interesting). You read only the best.

But why should you expect anything less? After all, you have better things to do than scuttle through the palaver of early drafts—even (or especially), if they are mine. However, with this novel I began thinking—about a thousand works back—that I would like to experiment beyond the rigid formalities of the Grand Old Art, not as an excuse to utilize a lot of otherwise-wasted palaver, but to establish a more intimate writer-reader relationship.

So here we are: already intimate.


Having grown up in a Southern California middle-class neighborhood as opposed to an Appalachian shack lacking electricity and running water, the obstacles I’ve had to overcome to gain fame as a writer are nothing to brag about. On the other hand, though, neither is my fame. I’m a household name only to my immediate family and the mail carrier.

In addition to Fish, over the past 50-something years I have knocked off a novella, a couple dozen short stories, perhaps 200 poems, and a non-fiction book on independent investment strategies. A handful of these have found their way into print, but I’ll be even Google couldn’t find them now.

The rest of my time I seem to have spent raising a pair of great kids and teaching 39 years in university English departments, the majority of them devoted to fiction writing at Oregon State University. And now, retired, I find myself doing pretty mucht he same things: reading and writing.

It could be worse.

Fish: A Tale of a Novel is available direct from the author:

Camping at Lone Gulch

Camping at Lone Gulch: a Danny Lawson adventure
With the companion story: Soaring Eagle
by Gary Covey
pages: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-03-0
Retail price: $11 + $4 shipping

An excerpt from Chapter 1––The Gold Nugget:
“What’s a gulch anyway?” Danny Lawson asked on Friday afternoon as he tossed his sleeping bag in the back of his dad’s pickup. He glanced up at Buck with a puzzled look.
      “It’s like steep cliffs facing off against each other,” Buck said. “Kinda like me and that big ox from Wasilla squaring off when we won the County Hoops Tournament.”
       Buck Bishop piled his sleeping bag on top of Danny’s. “And down at the bottom of the gulch is this river, roaring and charging down the canyon and slamming into both sides of the cliffs. It’s wild.”
       “How’d you get so smart?” Danny asked. “Have you been to a gulch before?”
        “That’s me . . . old smarty,” Buck said with a laugh.
        He reached down and ruffled Danny’s short curly hair. “Back when my mom and Hank first married, we went up to Lone Gulch. Hank wanted to show us where his ancestors used to live. You know, that Billy Johnson guy, the one Hank said found a gold nugget bigger than a baseball.”
        “Yeah,” Danny said. “The nugget Hank thought we stole from the black box.”
         “That’s the one.”
          “Maybe Billy Johnson lost his gold nugget up at Lone Gulch,” Danny said. “What if we found it this week while we’re camping up there? Wouldn’t that be something?”
          “Danny . . . .” Buck said. “Do you still believe in the tooth fairy?”
           “I’m just dreaming. But if there is really a gold nugget, that’s where it could be. Lost!”

Excerpt from Acknowledgements:
Thanks to all those family members––past and present––who came along for the adventure. A special thanks to all the teachers who have invited me into classrooms . . . .

Earlier books by Gary Covey:
“Coming To Ash Hollow” – the first Danny Lawson adventure
“Going To Ocean Shores” – the second Danny Lawson adventure

Paperback copies of all three books are available direct from the author:

Chase’s Creatures Coloring Pages

Chase’s Creatures Coloring PagesChase's Creatures Coloring Pages by Rhonda Chase. Published by Dancing Moon Press.
by Rhonda Chase
64 pages; 8.5 x 11 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-04-7
Price: $11.99 + shipping

CHASE’S CREATURES COLORING PAGES is a 64-page book with 30 full-page of creatures. Each page is perforated, allowing easy removal of each creature from the book so you can color in comfort and even frame and gift your finished masterpieces. On the back of each page is an area for you to write your name, the date, and medium used. The back cover features colored creature examples from winners of The Chase’s Creatures Coloring Contest.

Creature Coloring
You’ll find hours of relaxing artistic expression in Chase’s Creatures Coloring Pages book. De-stress, self-express, and stimulate your creative right brain as you immerse yourself in the wonderful, whimsical world of Chase’s Creatures. Useful for:

Plein Mind drawing
Coloring Therapy
PTSD-Alternative therapy

RHONDA CHASE was raised in the small, isolated, California mountain town of Susanville, Rhonda Chase ached to spread her wings. At the tender age of three, she told her parents she was moving out! It took her fourteen more years and lots of summer school, but she finally earned her freedom, graduating high school a semester early.

She enrolled at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia, but only was able to afford one semester of study. Returning home to California with little besides debt, Rhonda worked odd jobs trying to find her way. She tried moving to Sacramento, but with only a high school diploma, minimum wage, part-time positions were all she could find. Between the severe lack of resources, and domestic abuse perpetrated by her then boyfriend, Rhonda found herself homeless and in need of a new start. She ended up joining the Army in 2002 and trained as a cook. She served primarily at Fort Lewis, Washington, until she was deployed to Iraq in 2003. She spent five months overseas, returning with severe mental and physical disabilities due to the living and working conditions.

After an honorable discharge in 2004, Rhonda struggled to manage her disabilities by herself, attempting to get work as a cook back in Susanville. Unable to work in a traditional environment, she turned to the VA for help. Looking for something she could turn into a functional career, Rhonda explored the idea of teaching art at the college level. She had loved drawing her whole life and, remembering her success in an art class during her one semester at Hollins, she convinced her reluctant VA counselor to enroll her in an art program. She obtained her bachelor of arts at Northwest Nazarene University of Nampa, Idaho; however, the VA deemed her disabilities too severe to be able to teach, so she was denied funds for the MA it would have taken to obtain a teaching position. Thankfully, Rhonda found her true path while attending art school, and while unable to hold down traditional work, she is able to do what she loves and share it with the world.

Paperback copies of this book are available direct from the author:
and through her website:
And at

Theresa Mathews, author of “Fishing With Hyenas”

The overwhelming fear of “now what do I do?” was removed the moment I spoke with Carla Headshot-Theresa MathewsPerry. She accepted my project with enthusiasm and the passion of someone genuinely interested in my story. Her patience, support, and expertise in the publishing industry was the combination I needed to take my memoir, “Fishing With Hyenas,” to the next level and share it with the world. This seventeen-year-journey has turned into a dream come true, thanks to Carla and her team. The finished product is far better than anything I imagined and I am grateful to Dancing Moon Press for making it happen. I could write more… like how she helped improve my writing, how my confidence has increased, but I’m sticking to the five-sentence limit. —Theresa Mathews


When Dreams And Fear Collide

When Dreams and Fear CollideCover: Warren, When Dreams And Fear Collide
The true story of the 1986 Sino-USA Upper Yangtze Expedition
by Jan Warren

Illustrated with 104 photos and links to videos taken during the Expedition
Photo credits: Ancil Nance, Chen Qun, Barbara Reis, Dave Shippee
Film credits: Mutual of Omaha
404 pages: 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937493-59-2
  Price: $20 + shipping
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-937493-37-0
  Price: $8.99

The 1986 Sino USA Upper Yangtze River Expedition was not Ken and Jan Warren’s first attempt to raft the Yangtze. In 1983, they believed they had permission from the Chinese authorities to organize an expedition to China. With six tons of equipment, river and film crews, and a payment of $150,000 for the permit, they entered China. They sat for one month in Chengdu, China, waiting to go forward. Without explanation, they were told to go home. Ken and Jan sent the crew home, but they traveled to Beijing in search of their lost money. They met with representatives of China Sports Service Company and came to an agreement for a 1984 expedition. At that point, the Warrens went home to organize. But because they could not raise the full $800,000 permit fee, the 1984 trip was cancelled. In 1985, they tried again to raise the funds, but again were unable to raise enough money to meet the terms of the agreement.

“When Dreams and Fears Collide: The true story of the 1986 Upper Yangtze River Expedition” picks up the story of their last attempt and their last chance to realize their great dream of rafting the Upper Yangtze River. This would be a first in joint ventures and joint efforts between the two countries, and would introduce the sport of whitewater rafting to China. Rafting from the source, at 17,400 feet elevation in the great Himalayan glaciers to the city of Yibin, the goal was to travel the 2,000 miles of uncharted water. But the death of a teammate, a so-called mutiny, and several all-Chinese rafting teams racing ahead of the expedition in an attempt to be first, turn a perfect trip into a voyage of drama, disaster and unexpected challenges. The rest of the expedition takes them through whitewater so huge, it is off the chart. Upon their return to the United States, Ken and Jan are propelled into controversy and a web of legal battles, including a wrongful death lawsuit that becomes bigger than the whitewater they encountered. The lawsuits and forced them into silence. But now, after twenty-five years of silence, Jan Warren goes on record with the only first-hand account of the risks taken in pursuit of this dream.

Mutual of Omaha’s Spirit of Adventure DVD, “Challenging China’s Yangtze,” filmed during the 1986 Yangtze River Expedition, has been shown by ABC Sports, CBS, and ESPN and in over 20 countries.

Paperback copies are available direct from the author:
eBooks are available through Amazon
Additional information:

Fishing With Hyenas

Fishing With Hyenas: Mathews-COVER-Front-FINAL
a memoir about love, loss, and adventures on a 92-foot fishing boat

308 pages; 6 x 9 inches
38 photos
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937493-99-9
Price: $16.95 + shipping + tax for WA state residents

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-945587-00-9
Price: $6.99

FISHING WITH HYENAS is a love story between girlie girl Theresa and commercial fisherman Captain Bart, who convinces her to crew on a ninety-two-foot tuna boat plying the North Pacific Ocean. Trading cashmere and high heels for rain gear and rubber boots, she becomes a deckhand, confined for three months at a time, thousands of miles from anywhere. Bart’s tight group of fishermen—the Hyenas—become her extended family, but no one explains what appalling weather and hauling thousands of pounds of tuna would do to her hands. Or to her heart. Or to her mind.

After nine months on the water, Theresa returns to life on land. But when Bart finds another tuna boat, he heads back out to Mother Ocean. “See you soon,” are the last words he says to her. Three days later, Bart dies of a massive heart attack.

Grief, financial devastation, and a lawsuit follow, but it is the family of Hyenas who help her pull through. FISHING WITH HYENAS is the true story of how it all started and the tale of what happened next.

THERESA (DORSEY) MATHEWS grew up in Spokane, Washington. After college, she worked in several industries while searching for her professional calling. She stumbled upon a recruiting position in her early thirties and dropped anchor, knowing she had found her niche. She loved communicating with interesting people and getting paid to help them advance their careers.

She always liked to write, and applied that passion to her recruiting career. When she fell in love with Bart and he lured her to sea on a three-month fishing trip, she decided she would write a book about her adventures. And that’s where the story, Fishing With Hyenas, begins. She worked on her memoir off and on for sixteen years. After Bart’s death, the book changed course, adding another layer and different format. Her writing took a back seat to rebuilding her life but she was determined to finish the project and share it with the world.

Theresa reached the pinnacle of her recruiting career in January 2015 when she joined a highly reputable global consulting firm. Her job is to identify talent around the country using the Internet while working from her home office. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys the simple things, such as riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, spending time on and near the water, reading, traveling as much as possible, and cooking for family and friends.

Paperback copies of this book are available direct from the author:
Theresa Mathews:
and through her webs

Paperback copies and eBooks are also available through

Bobbie Lippman, author of “Good Grief”

If you are thinking of writing a book, Carla Perry, her Dancing Moon Press and talented team isHeadshot: Bobbie Lippman the way to go. As a short-sprint human-interest columnist, I never intended to put my writings into a book – but demands from my readers convinced me to call Carla Perry who very quickly changed my life. As a professional who knows all the publishing ropes, she took charge and got it done so fast my head is still spinning. When I took my book, Good Grief, out of the box I sat down and actually cried with joy. Carla made the book incredibly classy beyond a writer’s dream and I am stunned with the rave reviews coming in. If I am ever inspired to do another book, guess who will get it done! —Bobbie Lippman


Good Grief

Good Grief: A collection of stories as one woman journeys from
heartbreak to healing through honesty and humorLippman-Cover-Front-RGB
306 pages: 6 x 9 inches
41 color photos
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937493-97-4

              Price: $16.95 + shipping
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-937493-98-1
              Price: $6.99

My husband, Burt, nagged me for years to put my writings into book form, but tackling such a daunting task was never on my bucket list. It took his sudden death to put my grief into words in a weekly human-interest column that began in 1985 for the Newport, Oregon, News-Times. Mail started pouring in from readers who had also lost a loved one and the common thread was, “Thank you for writing about your grief. I no longer feel so alone.” It dawned on me that this book needed to happen, that my open, raw honesty might help others in their own grief journey.

I know Burt is watching, smiling, and saying, “You go, Babe!”

“Bobbie, I am sure you get mail thanking you for writing about your precious husband and your walk now without him. This is my first Easter Sunday without my husband. We were married 50 years. Not long ago, a friend told me to start reading your column and it made me realize I am not as alone as I think I am in my unbearable grief. Thank you for sharing your feelings, even though you can’t possibly realize how many people’s lives you have touched.” –Sally Baker, South Beach

Grieving people have the right to do whatever feels comforting at the time, no matter how bizarre or quirky, and no one—absolutely no one—has the right to tell a grieving person to “Get over it already!

Paperback copies and eBooks are also available through Amazon.
“Good Grief” paperback
“Good Grief” ebook

In NEWPORT, OREGON the book is available at:
The Nye Beach Book House: 727 NW 3rd Street
Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant: 1216 Canyon Way
Illingsworth’s: 735 NW Beach Drive
and at JC Market: 107 N. Coast Highway

The book can also be ordered through independent booksellers.

BOBBIE LIPPMAN has been a professional writer since 1977 when her first story sold to the Los Angeles Times. That story was about the pain of losing her home and dogs in a major California fire. Since then, her work appeared in numerous national newspapers, a woman’s magazine in the United Kingdom, the Beijing, China, World of English, plus several Chicken Soup for the Soul volumes.

Bobbie hosted a radio show for several years called “Bobbie’s Beat On The Air” for the visually impaired, starting when her mother lost her sight, and began listening to the Radio Talking-Book Network. These short human-interest programs aired in the Midwest, and then at a radio station in Portland, Oregon, serving the blind. The radio program segued into a show aired on KNPT radio in Newport, Oregon, which attracted a large audience of the blind as well as sighted people. Bobbie also taught Creative Writing at Oregon Coast Community College.

She lives in Seal Rock, Oregon, with her cat, Keeper, and Waldo her robot (Lap Sitter finally had to leave for cat heaven). Bobbie can be reached at:


Stephen Griffiths, author of “Guerrilla Priest: An American Family in World War II Philippines”

Griffiths-Pounding rice for DMPYesterday a friend asked me if I liked my new book, Guerrilla Priest. I replied yes.
“Good,” my friend said. “That means your readers will love it.”
And they seem to! Much of this is due, of course, to Carla Perry and her team who helped me produce a book that reads well and looks terrific. I am very grateful.
—Stephen Griffiths

The photo shows the pounding of rice by Philippine villagers.