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Unwoven Tapestries

Unwoven TapestriesUnwoven Tapestries: poetry and prose by Mark Beckwith
poetry and prose by Mark Beckwith
Includes 15 black & white photos by the author
176 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-16-0
                Price: $20 & shipping

Life is made up of threads. Threads of memory, threads of hope. Of thoughts, friends, and energy. And how each of us is taught. Everything we are, everything we think, everything we aspire to become… is a thread, not only in our lives, but connected and part of everyone and everything else. And taken into a bigger context, we are actually just patterns in an even greater weaving. Each facet of our life is woven into this world we call our reality. The sad part is, as we build this mosaic, we see only the patterns woven there. Life becomes small and self-repeating. We react the same way to whatever happens to us. We treat the people around us in a manner based on our perspective of those patterns. And just as sadly, we treat ourselves that way as well.

Thus the title of this book, Unwoven Tapestries. To look at my life completely naked. No protection from the woven patterns. An attempt to visualize reality as it actually is or as it might be, based on no patterns at all. To see the self as the universe it actually is… an attempt to be aware, without patterns. My quest is to find the simplicity on the far side of complexity. That single space where we exist, where everything exists without space and time. Enjoy!

Make a habit of
Making beautiful music in your head.
Because the last thing you hear
Before you die
Is your own thoughts.

MARK BECKWITH grew up in Oregon. His father worked for road construction companies at a time when the state’s road infrastructure was being developed, which meant his family frequently moved to new job sites. By the time he was fourteen, Mark had lived in fourteen Oregon cities. After his parents divorced, Mark moved to Kansas with his mother so she could care for her parents. He attended high school in Kansas, and then enrolled at Fort Hays State University, majoring in elementary education. But just before graduating, he dropped out when he realized he did not have to become a teacher. Mark moved back to Oregon, attended Oregon State University in Corvallis, and completed a degree in journalism.

For sixteen years, Mark operated a foster home in Corvallis for teens and young adults who were autistic and behaviorally challenged. He also spent those years raising his daughter. Along his journey, he earned an MBA from Willamette University and a certificate in the practice of kiatsu. Mark is now a therapeutic musician and plays a variety of wooden Native American flutes and low Irish Whistles at the bedsides of hospice patients, and in local hospitals and cancer centers. Now a resident along the Oregon Coast, he currently lives aboard his sailboat awaiting the next adventures the universe will be sending his way. And perhaps he’ll write something about them one day.

Unwoven Tapestries is available direct from the author:

From City Lights To Majestic View

From City Lights To Majestic View"From City Lights To Majestic View" by deb darr, a memoir of country living
by deb darr
Includes five pages  of color  photos & illustrations
126 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-15-3
                Price: $20 & shipping

Where shall I begin this story? Most books start out with a catchy little phrase, but this is a true story about a couple who wanted something more from life. They wanted the type of life that many only dream about. I know right away you might be thinking they wanted more in a material sense. That was NOT the case with this couple. They wanted to dream of things THEY could accomplish. This dream of theirs would mean sacrifice. Going without many every day things most people are accustom to having. It meant they would not have anyone to run to when things were tough, and believe me, things did get tough.

From City Lights To Majestic View is about a step out in faith. Not just a belief in God, although he was definitely walking very close, but a step in faith in themselves and each other.

I am very happy to share this story with you. I hope as you read it you will smile and maybe even laugh out loud at times. Perhaps you might cry, too. We have grown so very much since we first stepped into our rural world, yet as I look back I cannot think of how our life could ever have been any different.


deb darr  has worn many hats. Retail Comp Operator, Retail Garden Staff Member, Emergency Room Tech, Librarian, Columnist, Writer, 4-H Leader, Small Animal Judge, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Volunteer.

deb and her husband, Greg, always hoped to own land on which they could have a nice garden and some livestock so they could be less dependent on grocery stores, and more dependent on themselves. The couple lived in the Bay Area and didn’t know squat about rural living. Yet deb had visions of happy, dirty-faced children, and open spaces. She held tight to her dream and finally it became a reality.

The Greg Darrs entered into the world of rural living with both sets of eyes shut, and once they realized what lay before them, culture shock hit number ten! Many, many times the big jump was overwhelming—with old friends and family jeering them all the way with comments such as, “You’ll be back. Lots of luck, you’re gonna need it”!

The going was slow, but the education was steady. Each day presented a new situation that needed to be addressed, yet they were not alone. Many people helped answer their questions with genuine information based on experience and those people became the anchors of the new life deb and Greg kept returning to until they were able to get it together and see the light at the end of the ever-changing tunnel. After all the years, tears, and laughter, they are one hundred percent country dwellers and wouldn’t have it any other way!


From City Lights To Majestic View  is available direct from the author:

The Shaman Tree: A Tale of the Tillamook

The Shaman Tree: A Tale of the Tillamook
by Jane Sansregret
226 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-07-8
                Price: $15 & shipping

The Shaman Tree is the story of the Tillamook people seen through the eyes of Tuckwoca, a young Indian woman. The novel begins in 1788 with Tuckwoca’s spirit search and her marriage to Swohas, and ends with her death seventy years later. The portrayal of this one life shows the tribe’s intimate relationship with nature, taking only what they needed and nourishing the earth with what they didn’t use. The story reveals the culture and traditions of these native peoples who had no written language, and how the coming of the explorers changed their lives forever. As the medicine woman during those turbulent times, Tuckwoca seeks to heal her people physically as well as emotionally.

This imagined tale was written to enliven the relics and research of Tillamook history and customs. Hopefully, the next time you see a hummingbird you will pause and think of Tuckwoca and her people.

The Shaman Tree still grows on the headland overlooking the Pacific Ocean more than two hundred years after Tuckwoca searched for her guiding spirit. The woodland celebrity is living testimony to Sitka Spruce’s usual longevity of over five hundred years. Heavy stands grow in the narrow band of coastal forests that extend between Kodiak Island, Alaska, and Northern California. Now limbs of the misshapen tree sprawl haphazardly as much as twenty to thirty feet from the base. The diameter measures more than ten feet, and each of the six main branches is a foot or more thick. However, the name has been changed to the Octopus Tree in reference to the tentacle-like branches.

The land surrounding the aged tree is now an Oregon state park and the old spruce is protected by a rambling rail fence. The park and the cliff are named to honor John Mears, a British explorer and geographer who sailed the northwest Pacific Ocean in the late l700s. Cape Mears State Park is located about ten miles south of Tillamook on a well-marked paved road and is open all year. Cape Mears Lighthouse is within the park. On the headland where Tuckwoca had her vision, the federal government built a tower in l890 to guide ships at sea. The area is a favorite viewing place for bird watchers. Cape Mears National Wildlife Refuge protects the cliffs where many kinds of ocean birds nest. Just offshore, Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge is the site of Oregon’s largest seabird colonies.

The Tillamook name is well remembered because it identifies many features in northwestern Oregon, but the people and their culture are all but forgotten.

The author, JANE SANSREGRET, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and later moved to Champaign, Illinois, where she graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Floriculture. She moved to the Pacific Northwest after World War II and developed a deep interest in the beginnings of the Oregon Territory and its native inhabitants.

Jane was a garden writer for the Oregonian newspaper in Portland, Oregon, in the 1970s and 80s. In later years, and after much research, including working on an archeological dig, the idea for the book, The Shaman Tree, was born. A lifelong lover of words, Jane worked on her book until her death in 2011. With the help of Carla Perry from Dancing Moon Press, family members pursued publication, making Jane’s dream a reality. We hope you enjoy the book.

The Shaman Tree: A Tale of the Tillamook is available from the author’s family. Send an email to:


Terrill Godrich, author of “A Paw Print On My Heart”

I am grateful for the wonderful cover illustration of “A Paw Print On My Heart,” by Sarah Gayle who captured Bailey’s essence. Terrill Godrich, author of "A Paw Print On My Heart," published by Dancing Moon PressI cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for my publisher and editor, Ms. Carla Perry of Dancing Moon Press. I thank you for your patience, your guidance, your grace, and professionalism, and for becoming a friend in the process. — Terrill Godrich


A Paw Print On My Heart

A Paw Print on My Heart"A Paw Print On My Heart" by Terrill Godrich, published by Dancing Moon Press
by Terrill Godrich
124 pages; 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-09-2
                Price: $15 & shipping
eBook ISBN: 978-1-945587-10-8
                Price: $6.99

Bailey was seven weeks old when she came into my life on February 18, 2003 and changed my life forever. I had always loved dogs and owned them my entire adult life, but never as a single person. My family had owned a few dogs when I was growing up in four African countries, but never for long. Bailey, a long-haired Dachshund, became my best friend, my companion, and my confidant over a nine-year period. My world revolved around hers, and her little world revolved around mine. It was a love match!

Over the last four years since Bailey’s passing, I have pondered the depth and degree of my love for her. Is it because I was never a mother and therefore had an inordinate amount of love to devote to a dog? Or was it simply two souls connecting on an undefined level? Can a human being and an animal be “soul mates”? Some say that animals don’t have souls, and that they don’t go to heaven. That simply cannot be true. In my world, dogs — more than many humans — deserve a place in heaven. When you look into the eyes of a beloved pet, you can see their soul. Doesn’t a dog’s unconditional love and devotion feel like pure heaven itself? If dogs don’t go to heaven, then heaven is no place for me!

I have learned that a human heart does not break although sometimes it shatters into a million pieces. Each walk without her was a shard. Each room she was no longer in, each chair she wasn’t sitting in, every car ride without her, was a small broken piece of my shattered heart. Every Friday evening at 9:05 p.m., I lit a candle for her and put my hand on her ashes. I always said, “My heart to yours.”


Terrill J. Godrich was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and spent the first eighteen years of her life in West, East, and South Africa. She is from Leicester, England, where her family spent summer holidays until her father’s passing, at which time the family moved back to England. She currently resides in Oregon, and has spent more than thirty years living in the United States, on both the East and West coasts. She has also lived in Greece, and of course, in her beloved Italy. She has yet to get another dog.

“A Paw Print On My Heart” is available direct from the author:

Teresa Werner, author of “CellToons: The story of cancer at a cellular level”

It has been a joyful experience working with Carla Perry at Dancing Moon Press.
Her gentle Teresa Werner, author of "CellToons: The story of cancer at a cellular level." Published by Dancing Moon Press.presence is so supportive and reassuring. Always helpful, never condescending, and very professional. Everyone who has seen the book gives me wonderful positive feedback. Carla is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.  I hope we work together again soon. —Teresa Werner

CELLTOONS: The story of cancer at a cellular level

CellToons: The story of cancer at a cellular levelCellToons: The story of cancer at a cellular level by Teresa Werner. Published by Dancing Moon Press.
by Teresa Werner
96 pages; 8.5 x 5.5 inches (oblong; horizontal orientation)
45 full-color illustrations
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-08-5
Price: $21.99 + shipping


CellToons visually depicts the journey of cancer from diagnosis to survival and is absolutely brilliant. It takes a special person to encourage and bless others with one of life’s greatest struggles. Teresa’s love and creativity are vividly displayed in this encouraging illustrated collection of cartoons. She is trailblazing a path of hope for others to follow. A gift of hope is precious indeed! What a brilliant way to defeat the shadows of despair! Simple, to the point, direct, honest and most importantly—encouraging. Truly, a blessing for so many others.” —Nathan Angelo, founder of TruEssential skin care products & Master Distiller 

I have heard, statistically, that soon one in every two people will be diagnosed with cancer. I was the one. I got a cancer diagnosis, and even though I could clearly see why my cancer developed, I was still as shocked to hear, “You have cancer,” as anyone else who has ever heard those words.

After six months of searching, flailing really, knowing that conventional treatments yielded the same five-year survival rate as doing nothing, I found Portland Clinic of Holistic Health in Portland, Oregon. That was in August 2016. I had Stage IV breast cancer.

I had retired in June, a somewhat forced action. I enrolled in an art class at the local Senior Center. It was fun and I liked learning how to draw. On August 5, 2016, I drew a little picture of my scared and weakened cells. I titled the picture, “Weary Cells Expected to Fight.” I showed it to the staff at the clinic and they all liked my drawing. The concept of “CellToons” was born! I started drawing my personal health interactions through the perspective of my own cells.

My journey through cancer is illustrated in a child-like, simple fashion. The small skits of the CellToons served as a happiness lever for me, and those around me. Seven months later, my cancer was declared, “In remission.” This is my book about cancer at a cellular level.

I hope that you, too, will be able to find some joy, hope, and happy moments when you are with the CellToons. After all, it is our own beliefs that hold the potential for illness and for health. It is my honor to say, “To Your Health”!

After TERESA WERNER received a diagnosis of breast cancer, she began to illustrate her feelings and doctor visits. She chronicled her experience through colored pencil drawings. She viewed, in her mind’s eye, her own healthy cells (the big white ones) working hard to get rid of the dead cancer cells (the small green ones). The creative force behind “CellToons” (as they came to be called) was so great, that Teresa reproduced her 44 comic art strips from a colored pencil pad to an iPad Pro in less than three months. She is dedicated to disseminating information about cancer to others through her website: and through this book.

Teresa is past sixty, widowed, and resides in a small town on the Oregon Coast. She retired as Postmaster in 2016, from the United States Postal Service.

CellToons is available direct from the author through her website:

Javelin Hardy, author of “The Girl Inside Me”

First of all, I’m still dreaming because the little girl’s voice will be heard. It’s her time to be free from all the pain and bondage. I’m so grateful for Carla Perry at Dancing Moon Press for walking me through this journey to release my poetry collection, “The Girl Inside Me: For all who suffered abuse or trauma as children.” And I’m looking forward to producing book #2 with her, too! —Javelin Hardy.

The Girl Inside Me

The Girl Inside Me: For all who suffered sexual abuse or trauma as children
by Javelin Hardy
100 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Includes 9 historical and current photos
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-05-4
Price: $19.99 + shipping

The Girl Inside Me is a heartfelt book and very moving. As a writer, I understand how complex it can be putting oneself out there to the public, but people are looking for real people, with real situations that can heal others and restore hope. Javelin Hardy’s collection of poems does exactly that. Even the book’s title immediately speaks to the reader, opening curiosity about the direction the book will take.

“As I read Hardy’s poems, numerous emotions surfaced and her words allowed me to transform into her and feel her experiences. The titles of her poems anchored me in place and time. For instance, “He Touched Me,” immediately brought to mind a scared little girl with pigtails, ankle socks, and a teddy bear held by one ear. A tall man standing with pointy shoes and smelling of cigar smoke. I felt her anger, hurt, resentment, pain, and redemption. Her poems allowed me to walk in the shoes of that small, frightened girl as she experienced things no little girl should ever go through.

“The little girl inside of Javelin Hardy has matured into a beautiful, powerful woman capable of healing others using her personal experience and training in her therapeutic profession. And what more of a blessing it will be as this collection of poems, The Girl Inside Me, goes further out into the world and touches the lives of so many more.”

—Kimberly Robinson Green, Author of Her Cry—Her Prayer—Her Praise
and Encouraged To Finish

My name is JAVELIN HARDY. I was born and raised in a small town called Minden, Louisiana. My family moved to Portland, Oregon, during my sophomore year of high school, but I returned to Louisiana to graduate with the friends I’d grown up with. I moved back to Oregon when I was 23 and raised my two sons, who are now 27 and 24 years old. I’m the grandmother of a five-year-old kid I call “King Josiah” because he has an old soul and reminds me of his grandparents.

I began the journey of writing when I was seven years old as I searched for answers about things beyond my imagination. Writing became my sanctuary. I ventured out as I got older and pursued a degree in social work. I took sociology and psychology classes and read a lot of self-care books. I saw counselors who couldn’t relate to the things I was trying to express—trapped as a women by what the little girl inside me had seen and suffered from. It wasn’t until I started studying how drugs and alcohol cause turmoil in families that I understood why I had not been protected and why I did not feel safe as a child. I also studied my family history of various addictions and dysfunctions.

Through my relationship with God, a healing transformation began. I gave God every memory of my pain. I prayed, Please take this journey with me and get ready, for there is more to come. We all have secrets. We’re set free only when we reveal them. Writing them down, or speaking the words out loud, gives us peace of mind.

JAVELIN HARDY, CSWA, is a Master Level Social Worker, Qualified Mental Health Professional, and Clinical Social Worker Associate. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Portland State University in 2012. She’s has twenty-three year’s experience working with adults with mental health and substance abuse issues, and with their families. She has extensive experience working with the adult justice systems, courts, and the State Health and Human Service system.

Her private practice, Healing from the Heart, is a multicultural, adult counseling service that provides individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy.

Her family served in the US Military for five generations, and Javelin herself served in the Oregon National Guard. As a result, she is familiar with military culture and lifestyles, and provides counseling services to military veterans and their families.

Her areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, women’s emotional health, trauma related to PTSD, and healing from substance abuse and dependence. She is certified in various trauma-informed methods. She ties Yoga and various relaxation methods into her treatment practice. She believes in a holistic approach to health.

The Girl Inside Me is available direct from the author, Javelin Hardy: