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Saving Big Creek

Saving Big Creek"Saving Big Creek" by Andrea Scharf, published by Dancing Moon Press
How a Persistent Group of Activists Blocked a Multi-Million Dollar Resort, Rescued an Endangered Butterfly, and Expanded Opportunities for Citizen Involvement in Land Use Decisions in Oregon
by Andrea Scharf
236 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback: 978-1-945587-27-6; price: $16.95 plus shipping
Ebook: 978-1-945587-28-3; price: $9.99

In 1979, a developer from Honolulu bought 186 acres on both sides of a small creek on the Central Oregon Coast. His plans for “Big Creek Resort” included a lodge, rustic cabins, a trading post, and two houses for the future owner/managers. Over the years, plans for the resort expanded to include two hotels, a restaurant, a conference center, tennis courts, and individual residences.

Surrounded by National Forest, state parks and campgrounds, a proposed wilderness area, and miles of empty, wind-swept beaches, the property was home to elk, salmon and a small butterfly with toasty brown wings, which had just been listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

Opposition to the resort—dismissed by the developer as coming from “a bunch of hippies”—developed quickly. Proving themselves more resourceful and persistent than the developer expected, the idealistic young activists continued their fight against the proposed destruction of a vital natural area for nearly forty years—through cycles of hope and defeat, and finally, a resolution that satisfied nearly everyone. The fight  to save Big Creek will inspire all of us who struggle to make sure that people’s voices are heard and that our irreplaceable natural world is protected.

Andrea Scharf has been writing since she was ten. She has an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has published short stories and articles on subjects ranging from the nutritional impact of dead salmon to the financial impact of a colliers’ strike.

Her reading interests include fiction and nonfiction. She also writes a blog about what she reads, which can be found at

She has worked as a teacher, co-founder and manager of Portland’s Saturday Market, as a small business entrepreneur, city planner, marketing director, and association manager, among other positions. Whether hiking in the Cascades or the Coast Range, exploring tide pools, or walking through an urban park, she is always attracted to the natural world. Since moving to the Oregon Coast, she has been active in protecting that world as founder and chair of View the Future, a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization. Andrea lives on the Yachats River, just beyond the fog zone.

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Giving Thanks: New And Selected Poems

Giving Thanks: New And Selected Poems"Giving Thanks: New And Selected Poems" by Tom Hogan, published by Dancing Moon Press
by Tom Hogan
208 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback: 978-1-945587-25-2
Price: $15 + shipping

Giving Thanks is the record of a pilgrim, a seeker engaged in the “hard work” of becoming—day by day, moment by moment—a more appreciative, more compassionate person. In one poem, Tom Hogan asks himself, “How can I be grateful enough?” Time and time again, his poems answer that question. Hogan’s collection responds—with piety and humility—to a world in which “It always seems/ like/ we’re asked to give more/ than we receive/ until it becomes an act of respect/ and finally love.”  —Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita

Recognizing that a reliance on yesterday’s answers may result in a too-easy certainty, Tom Hogan’s poems record and interrogate the world he finds—a world of friendships, family, landscape, promises, memory, public engagement, and private delight. Page by page, Hogan’s sense of the sacred and its big questions are never far distant. But it is Tom’s patience, his curiosity and keen observation that most strike me. His thoughtfulness and welcome combine to make a large embrace. To open this book is a reader’s good luck.
—Lex Runciman

TOM HOGAN was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in the Portland area. He is the author of five chapbooks of poetry: Poems for the Journey (2001), Main Roads and Byways (2005), Texas Dawning (Fir Tree Press, 2006), Clouds and Water (Fir Tree Press, 2007), and Cathedral Rock (Fir Tree Press, 2008).

His first book of poetry, The Promise of the Trail, was published by Dancing Moon Press in October 2014. This new book, Giving Thanks: New and Selected Poems, was published by Dancing Moon Press as well, in 2018. He directs the Milwaukie Poetry Series in Milwaukie, Oregon, currently in its twelfth season.

Tom is trained as a Social Worker and has a part-time private practice as an LCSW. He has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Portland (1964), an M.A. in history from the University of Oregon (1966), and an M.S.W. from Portland State University (1969). He is also a hiker and backpacker and has been working on the Pacific Crest Trail, among other destinations, for some time. He finished hiking the Oregon portion of the trail, and has five sections left in Washington.

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The Quiet Blossom

The Quiet Blossom"The Quiet Blossom" by Michael A T Clark; published by Dancing Moon Press
A story about the Modern Wild West, the American Dream, and Marijuana
by Michael A T Clark
326 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-30-6; Price: $20 + shipping
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-945587-23-8; Price: $15

In the hills of northern California, a small but significant subculture was born out of the rapid development of the medical marijuana industry. The community formed under the influence of necessary secrecy and resource abundance, yet it grew to become an impactful social movement that left a mark on the greater American society and, in fact, the world.

The Quiet Blossom paints a picture of the nascent culture as it experiences it’s most glorious and promising years—before the decline that took place as rapidly as it grew.

The book follows a young man’s experiences during the years he worked in the marijuana industry of Northern California. This is a personal narrative—part memoir and part ethnography—that reflects the cultural and social implications of the black market industry. And it captures a strange and wonderful moment in history.

Welcome to The Quiet Blossom.

My ardent wish is that the passion for change that grew and was nurtured during that time will find a way to continue expanding through other means, and that the work done will be carried into other communities and other environments by its countless progenitors. They are all still out there, and they have lived a dream. They carry with them the hope of a brighter tomorrow, and hope has a magical way of growing.

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Brian McEneny, author and sculptor “Carving Out A Life”

Carla Perry’s knowledge and expertise were essential for the completion of my project. "Carving Out A Life" Back cover of flip book, published by Dancing Moon Press
When I started my flipbook, “Carving Out A Life,” I had a vague Idea of what I wanted to do. Carla helped clarify my concept and patiently guided me through every phase of writing the book. Carla’s cohort and friend, graphic illustrator Sarah Gayle, designed and laid out the entire 152 full-color pages that makes up the photo section. If it wasn’t for these two highly skilled, intelligent women, my book would still be in the planning stage. I am extremely grateful for their efforts, and highly recommend Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press. —Brian McEneny, wood carver


Carving Out A Life

Carving Out A Life"Carving Out A Life" a flip book by Brian McEneny, published by Dancing Moon Press
Section 1: Stories And Poems (with color and black & white photos)
Section 2: 40 Years of Chainsaw Sculptures  (all full-color photos)

A flip book by Brian McEneny
324 pages (152 full color; 172 black & white)
8.5 x 11 inches
Paperback: 978-1-945587-19-1
Price: $45 + shipping


Section 1:
This book started out as a collection of poems written in my youth. The poems follow my journey as an aspiring ski professional in search of the never-ending party and good snow. Since all the poems were written 40 to 50 years ago, I’ve added backstories to give the reader a sense of what was going on in the world at that time. I’ve also included a few stories about being a ski instructor and pro patrol, and how those incidents impacted my life and influenced these writings.

The journey began in high school in Portland, Oregon, and on Mt. Hood where I started working as a ski instructor and professional ski patrol, moving on to skiing jobs in Idaho; Lake Tahoe; and Montana before a severe and reoccurring knee injury ended the lifelong dream of being a professional skier. This book is not intended to be a complete autobiography—it’s a snapshot of a specific 13-year period that started at the age of 16 (1965-1978). And instead of keeping a traditional journal to chronicle events, I wrote fictional and nonfictional poetry and prose, translating various experiences and observations. At the age of 29, the writing stopped because I just ran out of things to say. When I was unable to work as a professional skier, I floundered for a while until finding my true love and calling as a professional chainsaw carver. The second half of this book features my work as a chainsaw artist over the last 45 years.

Chapter 1: My Love of Skiing Started Young
Chapter 2: My First Poems
Chapter 3: First Full-Time Ski Job
Chapter 4: Second-Year Pro-Patrol Ski Bowl 1968-1969
Chapter 5: Moving To Grand Targhee
Chapter 6: Back In The Northwest
Chapter 7: My Divorce is Final
Chapter 8: The Ratskeller
Chapter 9: My Last Season On Mt. Hood
Chapter 10: Exploring Tahoe
Chapter 11: Living Lake Tahoe
Chapter 12: Montana Bound
Chapter 13: Newport—My New Home
Chapter 14: Find Your Passion, Cultivate Your Dreams

A young ski instructor’s career is ended by injuries. Over the next 40 years, he carves out a new life as a chainsaw sculptor on the Oregon Coast. "Carving Out A Life" Back cover of flip book, published by Dancing Moon Press

First Chainsaw Carving
Wall Pieces
Sea Serpent
Seals & Sea Lions from the 1990s
Whales 1980s and 1990s
Early Work from the 1980s

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Kittson County: Four Short Stories

Kittson County: Four Short Stories"Kittson County: Four Short Stories" by Henry Streed, Published by Dancing Moon Press
100 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback: 978-1-945587-20-7
Price: $14.95 + shipping

Beginning excerpt from the first story in the book, “The Mine.”

The town meeting had gotten out of control. Everybody was talking at once. John banged his gavel, “Okay folks. Let’s have some order please!” Slowly the conversations stopped.

John had proposed a sign on US Highway 75 at the county line proclaiming Kittson County as the geographic center of the United States. He requested approval of two thousand dollars for the sign. It would help promote tourism for the county, he argued. Put the county on the map.

After Alaska and Hawaii became states, someone stretched a string on a globe from the most southern end of Florida to the most northern point of Alaska, and another string from the most northern point of Maine to the most southern point of Hawaii and they crossed right on top of Kittson County. John read this, found his kid’s globe, and tried it. Sure enough. The strings crossed over Kittson County. As mayor of Hallock, and Hallock being the county seat, he felt he should find a way to capitalize on this. A sign seemed like a good solution. He argued the sign would help promote Hallock as a tourist attraction. Businesses could sell souvenirs; there would be more buying of gas, lodging, food. New money would be flowing into Kittson County. But no one was listening after hearing: two thousand dollars.

Finally, John said, “Look. I’ll have a business promotion firm make a presentation at the next meeting. They can explain the benefits of promoting Kittson County.”

“I still won’t vote for it,” Swede said.

“I know,” John said. “But maybe the others will see it as a good idea.”

During the meeting, an Asian man dressed in a khaki shirt and pants walked in and sat down in the back row. He said nothing, never moved. Mayor John Johnson banged the gavel and announced the meeting was over. “Next meeting in two weeks.” As John was getting up from the conference table, the man approached. “Mr. Johnson, my name is Wong Chow. May I please speak with you?” He handed John his business card: Wong Chow, Chief Geologist. The name of the company was blacked out. John looked at the card and said, “What can I do for you?”

Wong looked around and said, “Not here, please. Need someplace more private.”

“Okay, let’s go into the side room over there,” he said pointing to a far door.

They sat down at a small conference table and Wong began, “We wish your permission to take soil samples on your land. But this must be kept in strict confidence. My company will pay you well for your permission, but please, this must be kept confidential.”

Henry Streed is a retired electrical engineer who specialized in the design of high-voltage substations. His work took him to most of the states and US territories including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam, as well as many countries including Brazil (for more than three years), Sweden, China, Switzerland, and Germany.

Henry was raised in Kittson County, a farming community. He is thankful to have grown up there, with its small school class sizes, where he was able to participate in high school sports, and to enjoy the outdoors. He began writing as a hobby to stay busy. The stories unfolded in his mind, and once he got started, really didn’t know where they were going until written down on paper. The stories are for your reading enjoyment, and hopefully they impart a perspective of life in northern Minnesota. Henry and his wife, Carol, now spend most of their time at their condo on the Oregon Coast.

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Javelin Hardy, author of “It Takes A Journey To Heal”

From the bottom of my heart, Javelin Hardy, author of "It Takes A Journey To Heal" a book of poem
I’m truly grateful to have had you two—Carla Perry and Sarah Gayle of Dancing Moon Press—see my vision and dreams and make them come to pass. Thanks for your professional excellence and dedication, as if the book and art were your own. You two are very dear to my passion because you care, as shown by your work ethics. I will direct others to you. Thanks for walking on this journey with me to books 3, 4 and 5 … blessings—Javelin Hardy, CSWA

It Takes A Journey To Heal

It Takes A Journey To Heal"It Takes A Journey To Heal" a book of poems by Javelin Hardy, publshed by Dancing Moon PRess
poems by Javelin Hardy
cover illustration by Sarah Gayle
46 pages with 10 full-color photos
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-21-4
Price: $15 plus shipping

This book is dedicated to my sons Jonathan and Wesley

Boys don’t understand their mother
Until they become grown men
When a baby is born, their vision is impaired, so they learn the
Sound, smell, and voice of their mother.
They smell their mother’s milk and they know her scent.
The baby’s life is dependent on the mother’s love and Nurturance.

When the boy gains his independence, he starts rebelling against
His mother and reaches more to his father for guidance, needing
A male figure—sometimes it’s a childhood male friend.
There is a sense of rebellion that causes the mother
And male child to clash/split off.

As a child, he sees his mother as the mother who cooks, cleans,
Provides, helps with homework, attends school
And sporting events.
The child’s needs are always before the mother’s needs.
A part of the mother is lost because every so often
She hears her name
And is shocked when she is not called
Because that is her true identity.

When your children get older and start branching out
On their own, they look at you and see
Those 28 and 25 years of hard work and labor
On my face, mind, body, and spirit.

It’s as if this is the first time my sons finally saw
They realized when I was raising them
I was trying to find myself

At this time, I get to introduce myself to my men—
My sons. My kings.
Jonathan and Wesley,
Meet Javelin.
I’m your mother
You’re men now.
I finally get to share with you all my fears, traumas,
Goals, dreams, and build a healing legacy
With my

Boys want understand their mother until they become

My name is JAVELIN HARDY. I was born and raised in a small town called Minden, Louisiana. My family moved to Portland, Oregon, during my sophomore year of high school, but I returned to Louisiana to graduate with the friends I’d grown up with. I moved back to Oregon when I was 23 and raised my two sons, who are now 28 and 25 years old. I’m the grandmother of a six-year-old kid I call “King Josiah” because he has an old soul and reminds me of his grandparents. I began the journey of writing when I was seven years old as I searched for answers about things beyond my imagination. Writing became my sanctuary. I ventured out as I got older and pursued a degree in social work. I took sociology and psychology classes and read a lot of self-help books. I saw counselors who couldn’t relate to the things I was trying to express—trapped as a woman by what the little girl inside me had seen and suffered from. It wasn’t until I started studying how drugs and alcohol cause turmoil in families that I understood why I had not been protected and why I did not feel safe as a child. I also studied my family history of various addictions and dysfunctions.

My first book of poems, The Girl Inside Me: For all who suffered sexual abuse or trauma as children, was published by Dancing Moon Press in 2017. Through my relationship with God, a healing transformation began. I gave God every memory of my pain. I prayed, Please take this journey with me and get ready, for there is more to come. We all have secrets. We’re set free only when we reveal them. Writing them down, or speaking the words out loud, gives us peace of mind.


JAVELIN HARDY, CSWA, is a Master Level Social Worker, Qualified Mental Health Professional, and Clinical Social Worker Associate. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Portland State University in 2012. She’s has twenty-four year’s experience working with adults with mental health and substance abuse issues, and with their families. She has extensive experience working with the adult justice systems, courts, and the State Health and Human Service system. Her private practice, Healing from the Heart, is a multicultural, adult counseling service that provides individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy. Javelin’s family served in the US Military for five generations, and Javelin herself served in the Oregon National Guard. As a result, she is familiar with military culture and lifestyles, and provides counseling services to military veterans and their families. Her areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, women’s emotional health, trauma related to PTSD, and healing from substance abuse and dependence. She is certified in various trauma-informed methods. She ties Yoga and various relaxation methods into her treatment practice. She believes in a holistic approach to health.

It Takes A Journey To Heal is available direct from the author, Javelin Hardy:

Sandy and Scott Blackman, author & photographer of “The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration”

With warmth and efficiency, Carla Perry is a delightful and professional presence. We had Sandy and Scott Blackman, authors of "The Country Fair: Oregon's Alternative Celebration"written two historical books before hiring Dancing Moon Press to produce our third. Our previous association with another publishing house was confining, and regimented with set guidelines and deadlines that left us with very little creative control or reward. We wanted a more cooperative, creative and inclusive partnership for our third book. We found that with Carla and Dancing Moon Press. The experience has been everything we could have hoped for — and more. Carla worked her magic as all good editors do to make our book project better. Her networking skills and specific list of contact information to promote our book is nothing short of phenomenal. Most enjoyable is Carla’s personality and her fine touch of diplomacy as she guided us through the process of writing, editing, and completing our book. She and her staff are the complete package. It is with deep satisfaction and pleasure that we highly recommend Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press.—Sandy & Scott Blackman