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Javelin Hardy, author of “It Takes A Journey To Heal”

From the bottom of my heart, Javelin Hardy, author of "It Takes A Journey To Heal" a book of poem
I’m truly grateful to have had you two—Carla Perry and Sarah Gayle of Dancing Moon Press—see my vision and dreams and make them come to pass. Thanks for your professional excellence and dedication, as if the book and art were your own. You two are very dear to my passion because you care, as shown by your work ethics. I will direct others to you. Thanks for walking on this journey with me to books 3, 4 and 5 … blessings—Javelin Hardy, CSWA

It Takes A Journey To Heal

It Takes A Journey To Heal"It Takes A Journey To Heal" a book of poems by Javelin Hardy, publshed by Dancing Moon PRess
poems by Javelin Hardy
cover illustration by Sarah Gayle
46 pages with 10 full-color photos
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-21-4
Price: $15 plus shipping

This book is dedicated to my sons Jonathan and Wesley

Boys don’t understand their mother
Until they become grown men
When a baby is born, their vision is impaired, so they learn the
Sound, smell, and voice of their mother.
They smell their mother’s milk and they know her scent.
The baby’s life is dependent on the mother’s love and Nurturance.

When the boy gains his independence, he starts rebelling against
His mother and reaches more to his father for guidance, needing
A male figure—sometimes it’s a childhood male friend.
There is a sense of rebellion that causes the mother
And male child to clash/split off.

As a child, he sees his mother as the mother who cooks, cleans,
Provides, helps with homework, attends school
And sporting events.
The child’s needs are always before the mother’s needs.
A part of the mother is lost because every so often
She hears her name
And is shocked when she is not called
Because that is her true identity.

When your children get older and start branching out
On their own, they look at you and see
Those 28 and 25 years of hard work and labor
On my face, mind, body, and spirit.

It’s as if this is the first time my sons finally saw
They realized when I was raising them
I was trying to find myself

At this time, I get to introduce myself to my men—
My sons. My kings.
Jonathan and Wesley,
Meet Javelin.
I’m your mother
You’re men now.
I finally get to share with you all my fears, traumas,
Goals, dreams, and build a healing legacy
With my

Boys want understand their mother until they become

My name is JAVELIN HARDY. I was born and raised in a small town called Minden, Louisiana. My family moved to Portland, Oregon, during my sophomore year of high school, but I returned to Louisiana to graduate with the friends I’d grown up with. I moved back to Oregon when I was 23 and raised my two sons, who are now 28 and 25 years old. I’m the grandmother of a six-year-old kid I call “King Josiah” because he has an old soul and reminds me of his grandparents. I began the journey of writing when I was seven years old as I searched for answers about things beyond my imagination. Writing became my sanctuary. I ventured out as I got older and pursued a degree in social work. I took sociology and psychology classes and read a lot of self-help books. I saw counselors who couldn’t relate to the things I was trying to express—trapped as a woman by what the little girl inside me had seen and suffered from. It wasn’t until I started studying how drugs and alcohol cause turmoil in families that I understood why I had not been protected and why I did not feel safe as a child. I also studied my family history of various addictions and dysfunctions.

My first book of poems, The Girl Inside Me: For all who suffered sexual abuse or trauma as children, was published by Dancing Moon Press in 2017. Through my relationship with God, a healing transformation began. I gave God every memory of my pain. I prayed, Please take this journey with me and get ready, for there is more to come. We all have secrets. We’re set free only when we reveal them. Writing them down, or speaking the words out loud, gives us peace of mind.


JAVELIN HARDY, CSWA, is a Master Level Social Worker, Qualified Mental Health Professional, and Clinical Social Worker Associate. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Portland State University in 2012. She’s has twenty-four year’s experience working with adults with mental health and substance abuse issues, and with their families. She has extensive experience working with the adult justice systems, courts, and the State Health and Human Service system. Her private practice, Healing from the Heart, is a multicultural, adult counseling service that provides individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy. Javelin’s family served in the US Military for five generations, and Javelin herself served in the Oregon National Guard. As a result, she is familiar with military culture and lifestyles, and provides counseling services to military veterans and their families. Her areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, women’s emotional health, trauma related to PTSD, and healing from substance abuse and dependence. She is certified in various trauma-informed methods. She ties Yoga and various relaxation methods into her treatment practice. She believes in a holistic approach to health.

It Takes A Journey To Heal is available direct from the author, Javelin Hardy:

Sandy and Scott Blackman, author & photographer of “The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration”

With warmth and efficiency, Carla Perry is a delightful and professional presence. We had Sandy and Scott Blackman, authors of "The Country Fair: Oregon's Alternative Celebration"written two historical books before hiring Dancing Moon Press to produce our third. Our previous association with another publishing house was confining, and regimented with set guidelines and deadlines that left us with very little creative control or reward. We wanted a more cooperative, creative and inclusive partnership for our third book. We found that with Carla and Dancing Moon Press. The experience has been everything we could have hoped for — and more. Carla worked her magic as all good editors do to make our book project better. Her networking skills and specific list of contact information to promote our book is nothing short of phenomenal. Most enjoyable is Carla’s personality and her fine touch of diplomacy as she guided us through the process of writing, editing, and completing our book. She and her staff are the complete package. It is with deep satisfaction and pleasure that we highly recommend Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press.—Sandy & Scott Blackman

The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration

The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative CelebrationThe Country Fair: Oregon's Alternative Celebration, by Sandy and Scott Blackman
by Sandy and Scott Blackman
Cover photography collage by Scott Blackman
100 pages of full color photographs taken over more than four decades
Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-945587-18-4
Price: $24 plus shipping


Sandy Blackman writes:

In The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration, Scott and I have highlighted the Fair from our point of view as visitors. We’ve included other photographers’ images and their recollections as well. We’ve interviewed Fair Family members, staff, and vendors. We consulted Suzi Prozanski’s book, Fruit of the Sixties: The Founding of the Oregon Country Fair, reviewed the organization’s historical materials from Fair Family News, The Peach Pit, the Fair’s displays at the Elder’s Still Living Room, and the History Gallery. We’ve also included the work of other photographers -– historians Paxton Hoag, Ann Goddard, Jeff Ouderkirk, and Brad Yazzolino — incorporating their vintage images and their recollections. Using these resources, we’ve compiled short summaries of the Fair’s evolution over five decades, but we’ve only skimmed the surface. For a more in-depth history of the first ten years, we highly recommend you read Suzi Prozanski’s book.

Ron and Robin Ulrich, and the parents of a small Eugene cooperative school called Children’s House, organized the first Renaissance Faire as a fundraiser for the school. That Faire was held on November 1-2, 1969 at Robyn and John Milich’s farm on Hawkins Lane in west Eugene. The festival featured handmade crafts and food. Two thousand people attended. Some of the crafters camped overnight, which is still a tradition. From the Faire’s small beginnings in 1969, it has morphed into one of the most unique outdoor venues of its kind. It has faced numerous growing pains, and adapted through five decades. There were many challenges the Faire organizers faced in the earlier years: finding a permanent location and, eventually, a date; changing the name from the Renaissance Faire to the Oregon Country Fair due to a lawsuit; and advocating for and accepting alternative groups to participate in the Fair, including bikers. Purchasing wetlands along the Long Tom River close to Veneta brought new challenges: dealing with the concerns of local neighbors, the city of Veneta, and the county regarding regulations, demands on the roads, and the influx of visitors to the Faire as it was growing rapidly in popularity. As the Fair approaches its fiftieth year in July 2019, it continues to work towards healthy sustainability as an organization and event.

Sandy and Scott Blackman have been attending the Oregon Country Fair since 1972, and Scott has photographed it for more than 40 years. As visitors, the Blackmans have watched the Fair evolve from a small, quaint, hippy festival that started in 1969, into a top-notch event. It has become a heavily-attended, costume celebration in the forested wetlands of Veneta, Oregon, that is run by thousands of volunteers from around the United States. Sandy is a retired teacher and counselor for the Lincoln County School District. In retirement, she enjoys being a writer and storyteller. Scott has pursued his passion for photography most of his life, while employed as a landscaper and gardener. Scott’s images are featured in magazines, calendars, books, and print media. The Blackmans first two books (Arcadia Publishing) covered Oregon’s rich surfing history along the Central and North Coasts. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs in this book were taken by Scott Blackman.

The Country Fair: Oregon’s Alternative Celebration is available direct from the authors:

Website: Oregon Country Fair Book:



Mary Anne Flavin, author & illustrator of “Zenith’s Great Gift”

Carla! — There is no doubt you know what you are doing. The book is beautiful and I know everyone will Mary Anne Flavin, author and illustrator of "Zenith's Great Gift"love it. Thank you for your many wonderful ideas and your ability to summarize the story beautifully. I have used your words about the hope that our life challenges will evolve into our greatest gifts. That says it all very concisely and perfectly. I believe every author wants a publisher or editor or agent who gets their story and LOVES their story. To love it is to say what the author says, only better. You do that. I am very grateful to you. Warmest Regards Mary Anne Flavin


Zenith’s Great Gift

Zeniths Great Gift
a children’s book written and illustrated by Mary Anne Flavin
36 pages; 11 x 8.5 inches (landscape)
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-945587-11-5
Price: $19.50 & shipping

Zenith’s Great Gift is a story for every child challenged by special needs—visible or not—and provides hope that their own challenges can evolve into gifts.

Zenith is a dolphin born without echolocation. Although Zenith wants to be useful, she is sad and lonely and fears her life will have no purpose because she is different. Then Zenith’s father presents her with an opportunity where she can use her special abilities to help others. She meets sick children along the way and discovers that being born without echolocation was the best gift she could have ever received.

Author and illustrator, Mary Anne Flavin, was inspired to write Zenith’s Great Gift after meeting a child (“Rica” in the book) who’d had two strokes before she was born. The strokes left her severely handicapped and dependent on her family for all her care. But this amazing child is irresistible. There is something special about her, a gift that makes everyone around her feel incredible joy. Ms. Flavin calls the gift her “love sensor.”

Mary Anne Flavin holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. She is actively retired and enjoys spending time with her husband and their three dogs, Reike, Shanti, and Einstein. She loves painting, writing, exercising, spending time with friends, and engaging in lively discussion groups on the Oregon Coast.

Zenith’s Great Gift is available direct from the author:

Personal Skirmishes

Personal Skirmishes: "Personal Skirmishes: 21 Heartwarming Misadventures, Miracles, and Minor Atrocities" by Barry Lawler, published by Dancing Moon Press
21 Heartwarming Misadventures, Miracles,
and Minor Atrocities

Short stories (and one novella) by Barry Lawler
280 pages; 6 x 9 inches
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945587-12-2

Welcome to Personal Skirmishes . . . and special thanks for stopping here. I like to think some of the stories will meet your expectations. And I’ll be ah-shucks amazed if you love them all. Either way, though, as the saying goes, ‘There’s no accounting for taste–yours or mine. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

You will find a healthy range of plots, places, questionable humor, and even the occasionally relevant topic. After all, the 21 stories cover better than 50 years of my 70+, and though I can’t claim in real life to have led a headline- stopping exotic existence, I have maintained an active imagination limited by few serious filters.

There’s no common denominator to the stories beyond the alphabet and a predisposition toward whimsy rather than serious explorations of the “human condition” featuring characters dramatizing the harsh and heartfelt realities of modern life, or conversely finding themselves endowed with super powers and/or ample explosives to resolve even the most improbable plot conflicts.

The earliest stories date from the late 1960s, though every decade since then (up to, and including, last Tuesday) is represented. The struggle in my early years was resisting the urging of my fiction writing prof & mentor, John Hermann, to live up to his expectations for me as a student of “serious fiction.” Not that I doubted I could have, simply that my predisposition for non-sequitur and humor refused to cooperate. Still, I did give serious stuff the “old college try” in one handful of stories, though you will find they are strategically counterbalanced by another handful that is anything but.

After reading a novel by Jack Kerouac, Truman’s Capote’s response to his contemporary was, “That’s not writing, only typing.”

Because I have been a lousy typist for 50 of my more than 70 years, but have managed to put thousands of words on paper, I like to imagine I’m a writer by default. If not, I’ve just been wasting a lot of time and stationery. Still, it’s kept me entertained. And playing God on paper has convinced me of the range of interactions and situational ironies humans are capable of putting themselves in.

For the most part, though, when writing (or typing fiction), “exploring the human condition” is seldom a priority, as I’m pretty sure it can muddle along just fine without my intervention. Mostly, I’m just out for a good time. And if mine makes your better, too, we’ve both won.

Personal Skirmishes, is available direct from the author:

Mark Beckwith, author of “Unwoven Tapestries”

First and foremost, my book, “Unwoven Tapestries,” would not have been completed without the Mark Beckwith, author of "Unwoven Tapestries"help of Dancing Moon Press. From start to finish, Carla was very clear on how she could help me and what to expect, how the entire process worked and exactly what the costs would be. No Surprises! She followed through and shepherded me along the entire procedure, making sure I was informed and what my next steps were. This was a marvelous experience! —Mark Beckwith

Don Parker, author of “Roustabout, Navy Captain, Academic Dean: The Unexpected Adventure of Hard Work and Dumb Luck”

When my husband Don started writing a memoir, his goal was to leave a family history for our Donald F. Parker, author of "Roustabout, Navy Captain, Academic Dean: The Unexpected Adventure of Hard Work and Dumb Luck," published by Dancing Moon Presschildren and grandchildren so they would understand their background and the values of the family to which they had been born. It was a huge project because Don had a lot to say, so we soon discovered that we needed help. The lucky day was our meeting with Carla Perry without whom this project would have failed. From her, Don learned to find his voice and write so that his chapters flowed, and he managed to complete the first draft before he died. Then it became my project to finish; a task that would have been impossible had it not been for Carla. She gently guided me as I learned to edit, scan photographs, organize, update, and to find my own voice. Finally, she designed and suggested the best possible way to make Don’s two-volume memoir, Roustabout, Navy Captain, Academic Dean, a treasured addition to our family libraries. No detail was too small or insignificant for her expert eye. The project was truly a joint effort, and the finished product is a work of art. I am truly grateful to have worked with Carla every step of the way. Friends are beginning to call in as they receive their books in the mail. All are overwhelming in their praise of how beautiful it is and how they can hear Don’s voice as they read. Emily’s word is “marvelous.” —Jo Ellen Parker

Anne Jobbe Hall, author of “Atlantis: The Isle of Horses”

Working with Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press Anne Jobbe Hall, author of "Atlantis: The Isle of Horses," published by Dancing Moon Press
was a pleasurable learning experience that I didn’t expect. I had been worried about my lack of experience publishing a book for the first time. However, after meeting with Carla, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She laid out the editing and publishing process clearly and simply and eliminated my concerns. Her customer service from that point forward was extraordinary. I have never experienced such attention to detail, especially when explaining manuscript edits and the publishing process. Her responses to my questions were immediate and well thought out. She explained all the options, then left it to me to choose whatever I thought best. Carla’s encouragement and support were extremely valuable throughout, but the editing was exceptionally valuable and improved the book more than I thought possible. I cannot recommend her and Dancing Moon Press highly enough. —Anne Jobbe Hall