Anne Jobbe Hall, author of “Atlantis: The Isle of Horses”

Working with Carla Perry and Dancing Moon Press Anne Jobbe Hall, author of "Atlantis: The Isle of Horses," published by Dancing Moon Press
was a pleasurable learning experience that I didn’t expect. I had been worried about my lack of experience publishing a book for the first time. However, after meeting with Carla, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She laid out the editing and publishing process clearly and simply and eliminated my concerns. Her customer service from that point forward was extraordinary. I have never experienced such attention to detail, especially when explaining manuscript edits and the publishing process. Her responses to my questions were immediate and well thought out. She explained all the options, then left it to me to choose whatever I thought best. Carla’s encouragement and support were extremely valuable throughout, but the editing was exceptionally valuable and improved the book more than I thought possible. I cannot recommend her and Dancing Moon Press highly enough. —Anne Jobbe Hall